1st day
My first day at school

Our EYFS Intent

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we are proud to facilitate every child’s first step into the bespoke, stimulating and awe-inspiring curriculum that is delivered throughout their time at school. 

We place the Christian values at the heart of what we do to inspire and ignite a lifelong love of learning. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which children flourish in confidence, empowering them to lead their own learning and explore their interests through play. The staff care deeply and use their experience to scaffold the children’s learning and provide avenues of exploration through highly skilled and positive interactions. The environment is set up in a way that allows children to be independent learners and offers opportunities to develop creative thinking skills, through which the children’s resilience blossoms and equips them to deal with the triumphs and mistakes they experience on their learning journey. Through this approach we use the Characteristics of Effective Learning to plan and asses each child’s next steps. Staff enhance the areas of provision with resources that challenge, extend and run alongside the continuous provision, inspired by the children’s enthusiasms.

We offer opportunities to spark the children’s curiosity through adult planned themes linked to their interests, celebrations of key events and investigations into seasonal changes throughout the year. We establish a community and link this to the local community the children are familiar with in Calverley. We connect and foster close relationships with our families and use this as a springboard to discover and understand the wider world.

In Reception the daily timetable is structured in a way which allows for adult led carpet inputs, which bookend long periods of uninterrupted child led play. The inputs and adult led activities are always tailored to meet every child’s individual needs as well as building towards the end of year expectations. We deliver daily ‘Read, Write Inc’ Phonic sessions and class Maths, following the long-term plan. The Early Years Foundation works as a unit and the children have access to both classrooms and the outdoor area daily. The children leave reception intrinsically motivated and fully prepared, with the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need for their next stage of learning in Year 1.

Reception Curriculum Overview 2022/23

Autumn 1

updated for 2023-24 cohort

Autumn 2

updated for 2023-24 cohort

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Why is the word God so important to Christians? - Creation

Why do Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas? – Incarnation

Where do we belong?

Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter Garden? - Salvation

Which places are special and why?

Which stories are special and why?

School Values

Cycle 1







School Values

Cycle 2


Reverence & Respect


Creation & Creativity





Getting to know you

Seasonal Changes


Ladybirds Life Cycle



Seasonal Changes


Traditional Tales

Seasonal Changes


Caring for our natural world

Seasonal Changes

Spring contd.




Taught Texts

The Colour Monster 

Pantosaurus and the power of pants! 



All about Ladybirds

The Christmas Story


The Worrysarus

The Three Triceratops

If the dinosaurs came back

National Geographic- All About Dinosaurs

Mama Panya’s Pancakes

The Three Little Pigs

I Love You to the Moon and Back

Love Makes a family

Someody Swallowed Stanley


Mad about Minibeasts

Norman The Slug with a Silly Shell

Taught Vocabulary

Diversity, community, unique, differences, celebrate, collaborate

Voyage, above, below, underneath, crunchy, multicoloured, season

Protect, conflict, remembrance, respect, defend, peace,

Emergency services, extinguish, fire safety

Nativity, miracle, saviour, stable, Bethlehem, manger, frankincense, myrrh

Season, winter, frozen, icicle, melting, Fossil, extinct, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, past, specific names of dinosaurs, spine, anxious, worry,

Rich, poor, traditional tale, palace, magic, handsome, sly, golden, transform, ball, gown, frowned, cattle, reeds, spice, Kenya, Lent, gratitude, sacrifice,

pollution, materials, metal, plastic, wood, sea creature names, coral reef, earth, oceans, 

Coronation, royal, invitations, crown, orb, sceptre, 

Habitat, den, bark, nurture, nature, shelter, badger, oak, rowan, silver birch, life cycle, tadpole, froglet, amphibian

habitats, minibeast names, arachnid, colony, hive, pollen, nectar, thorax, larva, slither, soil, insect, slime, 



Bonfire Night


Children in Need

Remembrance Day



New Year

Luna New Year

Shrove Tuesday



Lent contd.


World Book Day

International Women's Day

Comic Relief

Mothering Sunday

St George’s Day

Kings Coronation

Eid al-Fitr

Earth Day 2022

Father’s Day


Insect Week

Visits/ visitors/ experiences

Local Woodland Walk

Santa visit

Daddy Dinosaur Visits

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Pancake Day

Local Woodland Walk

Kate Pankhurst

Making Pancakes

Holi Colour Party

Nell Bank


Eid Party

Local Woodland Walk

Coronation Family Picnic

Rodley Nature reserve

Kemp’s Farm

Boogie Bug Ball

Family Engagement

Parents Open Morning

Stay and Play sessions

Phonics Workshop

'Christmas Crafternoon'

Nativity Show

Stay and Play sessions

Holi  festival

Mothering Sunday Class Assembly

Stay and Play

Stay and Play sessions

Father’s Day Event

Sport’s Day


Set 1 sounds Read all single letter sounds speedily 25 sounds, orally blend and word time 1.1-1.4

Photocopiable Ditty and Teach Set 1 Special Friends

Word time 1.5 

Red Ditty 

Word time 1.6 and 1.7

Green Ditty

First 6 of Set 2 Sounds and Green Words

Purple Ditty

Set 2 sounds contd and Green Words

End of Purple Ditty

Read all 37 sounds


NumberBlocks 1-3

  • Order & compare numbers
  • Separating amounts into unequal groups and combining unequal groups

2d shapes

NumberBlocks 4-5

  • Order & compare numbers
  • Separating amounts into equal groups and combining equal groups
  • Sharing items out equally


NumberBlocks 1- 5

  • Order & compare numbers
  • Separating amounts into equal groups and combining equal groups
  • Sharing items out equally


NumberBlocks 6, 7, & 8

  • Order & compare numbers
  • Separating amounts into equal groups and combining equal groups
  • Sharing items out equally


NumberBlocks 9 & 10

  • Order & compare numbers
  • Separating amounts into equal groups and combining equal groups
  • Sharing items out equally