On this page you will find information about Home Learning and how we as a school will be supporting remote learning. 

In the event we have to move to remote learning for individual pupils, bubbles or the whole school, our priority is to provide learning at home which should cause as little disruption as possible.

Work or ‘assignments’ will be made available on the Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) through Microsoft Teams, which also enables work to be completed electronically and teachers to provide feedback to pupils on their work. 

Below is video which goes through how to log in to Teams and find work that has been set.

Below is a further video which shows how to complete assignments and how to hand in assignments (using a lap top).

For English, Maths and some foundation curriculum subjects, we’re complementing our resources with those from Oak National Academy. Oak’s online classroom has 10,000 video lessons created by teachers which are available for free on www.thenational.academy. Oak is backed by the Department for Education (DfE) and, last term, provided nearly 5 million pupils with 20 million lessons.

Some frequently asked questions about Oak can be found HERE.

We’re new to using a VLP, so there may be some tweaks required or teething issues we come across if / when we transition to remote learning. As we’ve explained to the children, we’re all learning to use this together!

Live Sessions and Meetings

When you take part in some live teaching or feedback sessions there are some agreements we all have to make:

School staff will:

· Always aim to start meetings on time

· Give as much notice of timings and any changes and cancellations as possible

· Present in a professional manner, as you would expect from a teacher or teaching assistant in school

· Be courteous, respectful and understand our safeguarding role

· Give clear instructions, be supportive and have high expectations of children’s behaviour

Children should:

· Join calls with the microphone muted

· Only un-mute when asked to do so by the teacher

· Try to work in room like a lounge or dining room and not alone in a bedroom

· Be dressed for class – not necessarily in uniform – but no pyjamas please!

· Follow the directions given by staff

· Be supportive of each other

The video below shows you how to 'raise your hand if you want to volunteer to speak during the session.

We hope you also find the following Teams guide useful:

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