Our current SENCo and Inclusion Lead is Miss Sara Wilkinson ([email protected]). Miss Wilkinson co-ordinates the work of all our staff who work with children with additional needs.  

School is happy to meet with parents to discuss any concerns, make referrals to other agencies for additional support, write plans for individual children, provide and seek training to help us respond to the needs of children and very much considers the best way to work in the interests of all our children is by working in partnership with parents.

Our aim is to do our very best to include all the children and to help them all to make progress.

For further support, useful contacts include:

Early Help, Pudsey Cluster

web:  https://pudseycluster.org/   tel: 0113 387 1885    email: [email protected] 

Mindmate SPA   

web: https://www.mindmate.org.uk/im-a-professional/leeds-mindmate-single-poi…           tel:  0300 555 0324  email:  [email protected]

STARS (Autism support)

web: http://www.starsteam.org.uk/support-for-parents-of-children-with-autism           tel: 0113 3782888

 email:   [email protected]