This year the children will be learning the following in PSHE:


Autumn Term 1

Drug, alcohol and tobacco education: Tobacco is a drug 

Pupils learn: 

* the definition of a drug and that drugs (including medicines) can be harmful to people 

* about the effects and risks of smoking tobacco and secondhand smoke 

* about the help available for people to remain smoke free or stop smoking  

Asthma lesson for Year 2, 3 or 4 

* that medicines can be used to manage and treat medical conditions such as asthma, and that it is important to follow instructions for their use 

Autumn Term 2

Keeping safe and managing risk:  
Bullying – see it, say it, stop it 

Pupils learn: 

* to recognise bullying and how it can make people feel 

* about different types of bullying and how to respond to incidents of bullying 

* about what to do if they witness bullying 

Spring Term 1

Mental health and emotional wellbeing: Strengths and challenges 

Pupils learn: 

* about celebrating achievements and setting personal goals  

* about dealing with put-downs 

* about positive ways to deal with set-backs 

Spring Term 2

Identity, society and equality:  
Celebrating difference 

Pupils learn: 

* Pupils learn about valuing the similarities and differences between themselves and others 

* Pupils learn about what is meant by community  

* Pupils learn about belonging to groups 

Summer Term 1

Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing: Saving, spending and budgeting 

Pupils learn: 

* about what influences people’s choices about spending and saving money 

* how people can keep track of their money 

* about the world of work 

Summer Term 2

Physical health and wellbeing:  
What helps me choose? 

Pupils learn: 

* about making healthy choices about food and drinks 

* about how branding can affect what foods people choose to buy 

* about keeping active and some of the challenges of this