This year the children will be learning the following in PSHE:

Autumn Term 1

Physical health and wellbeing:  
What keeps me healthy? 

Pupils learn: 

* about eating well  

* about the importance of physical activity, sleep and rest 

* about people who help us to stay healthy and well and about basic health and hygiene routines 

Autumn Term 2

Mental health and emotional wellbeing: Friendship 

Pupils learn: 

* about the importance of special people in their lives 

* about making friends and who can help with friendships 

* about solving problems that might arise with friendships 


Spring Term 1 and Spring Term 2

Sex and relationship education:  
Boys and girls, families 

Pupils learn: 

* to understand and respect the differences and similarities between people 

* about the biological differences between male and female animals and their role in the life cycle 

* the biological differences between male and female children 

* about growing from young to old and that they are growing and changing

* that everybody needs to be cared for and ways in which they care for others

*about different types of family and how their home-life is special 

Summer Term 1

Keeping safe and managing risk:  
Indoors and outdoors 

Pupils learn: 

* about keeping safe in the home, including fire safety 

* about keeping safe outside  

* about road safety

Summer Term 2

Drug, alcohol and tobacco education: Medicines and me 

Pupils learn: 

* why medicines are taken 

* where medicines come from 

* about keeping themselves safe around medicines 

Asthma lesson for Year 2, 3 or 4 

* that medicines can be used to manage and treat medical conditions such as asthma, and that it is important to follow instructions for their use