Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderful start to the school year and we have been celebrating some of the achievements of pupils in school in our Friday assemblies today.  Children have shown perseverance, respect, great listening and the willingness to 'have a go' at something, even if they are not sure and we are all so proud of them.  I hope you enjoy chance to see some of the things that have been happening in your child's class so far in this newsletter.

Our Friends Summer Fair is happening in school tomorrow from 12-3pm and will be a fantastic Willy Wonka Themed extravaganza.  I am really sad that I am unable to attend due to prior commitment but I look forward to hearing all about it next week!

Ms Cameron

Year 2 Art

Year 2 have been exploring different media in art. They have been making lines with charcoal, pencils and pencil crayon. In addition to that they have learnt to create textures in their art-work. Excitement was generated when the children brought in their favourite teddy to create an observational drawing. The children have been amazingly creative and produce art work to be proud of! 

Year 6 heart
Year 6 heart 2

This week, Year 6 have donned their scientist hats and explored the workings of the human heart.  We used key vocabulary to  help us order the flow of blood and demonstrated our understanding by labelling and colouring a detailed diagram.  The areas shaded blue show the blood before it collects oxygen in the lungs, and the areas shaded red show where the oxygenated blood travels to next.  Mrs Myers and Mrs Kirk were very pleased with our explanations.


As a school we have introduced a brand new award which will be presented during Friday's Celebration Assembly.  A certificate is given to the class in each Key Stage with the best attendance for that week.  This weeks winners are:

KS1 - 2VSJH - 98.1%

KS2 - 4SG - 98.6%

Well done to both classes.  Keep it up!!