It has been an amazing half term in Year 2. The children have learnt about toys from the past – understanding the difference between a primary and secondary source of information. They have also developed their artistic skills developing line drawing and observational drawings! 

Music has been... musical! We have learnt to play percussion instruments, sing 2 part round songs and have a great time! In science we have learnt about materials and their uses! We have found materials that would keep the 3 little pigs dry – finding the best materials to cover the roof! 

We can’t wait to continue our learning next half term! 

y3 church
y3 church a

Year 3OB Church Visit -  Stained Glass Windows 

On Wednesday, Year 3 had the pleasure of visiting St WilfrId’s to learn about the fantastic collection of stained glass windows that adorn the church. We began with a tour of the church, exploring the stories of the windows from the Victorian period before moving onto the ‘Jigsaw Window’ of the East Wing. Pupils took part in a range of stained glass craft activities and learnt about the historical significance of the church.  

“My favourite thing was going upstairs to see the West Wing Window. I spotted the piece of glass that  shouldn’t have been in the window!” said Joseph. 

Thank you to Brenda, Sandra and Sarah for sharing all of your knowledge and making us all feel welcome! 

Church 1
Church 2
Church 3

Year 3VB spent a highly enjoyable day in church on Wednesday with Brenda and Sandra from the Open the Book team and Reverend Lizzie. We learnt about the history of the Victorian stained glass windows and which bible stories they represent – we particularly enjoyed hearing about the miracle of Jesus walking on water and how he gave Peter the confidence and courage to try it for himself. We created our own stained glass pictures using sharpies and acetate and had lots of fun making them as colourful as the ones seen in church. 

This half term Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed singing Mamma Mia in Music lessons. They have had a lot of fun learning about ABBA and singing together as a class.  

Newspaper 2
Newspaper 1

This week, Year 6 have been bringing their learning on World War 2 to a close.  In our topic lessons we have learnt about the significant events that occurred towards the end of the war including: Pearl Harbour, the dropping of the Atomic Bomb and the D Day Landings.  We created posters to summarise the key events.  In our writing sessions we have been editing, refining and publishing our newspaper reports on the Leeds Blitz.  Look out for our use of fronted adverbials, exaggerative language and direct speech!

War 2
War 1
Harvest Festival

Last Wednesday we celebrated our Harvest Festival. Every class contributed to the worship – there were songs – Cauliflowers fluffy, Harvest Rock and Harvest Samba. There were dances, art-work and drama – all brilliant ways to worship! Year 6 created some excellent poetry which was read beautifully! We ended by watching a wonderful animation which is below for your enjoyment. The food that was donated (thank you all) was delivered and gratefully received by Eccleshill Food Bank. 

Behaviour Policy 

We were really interested in some of the feedback we had about our new behaviour policy and whether all parts of it were sufficiently supportive of pupils - in particular those who might have experienced early trauma.  We have thought carefully about how some sections were worded and have adapted some of the things we are doing slightly as we have seen how the policy works in practice.  We have also taken some advice from Julie Pocklington who is an expert in trauma informed practice and as a result have made some changes to the policy to better reflect the way we are managing children and their behaviour in school.  We have listened and hope that those of you who had some concerns find the updated version, which can be found here,… a better version of what we were always trying to do.  Thank you for your continued support and input - it helps us be a better school.


Friday 27th October 2023 - School closes for half term 3.20pm

Monday 6th November 2023 - School re-opens 8.50am