This year the children will be learning the following in PSHE:

Autumn Term 1

Identity, society and equality:  

Pupils learn: 

* about Britain as a democratic society 

* about how laws are made 

* learn about the local council

Autumn Term 2

Drug, alcohol and tobacco education:  
Making choices 

Pupils learn: 

* that there are drugs (other than medicines) that are common in everyday life, and why people choose to use them  

* about the effects and risks of drinking alcohol  

* about different patterns of behaviour that are related to drug use 

Asthma lesson for Year 2, 3 or 4 

* that medicines can be used to manage and treat medical conditions such as asthma, and that it is important to follow instructions for their use 

Spring Term 1

Physical health and wellbeing:  
What is important to me? 

Pupils learn: 

* why people may eat or avoid certain foods (religious, moral, cultural or health reasons) 

* about other factors that contribute to people’s food choices (such as ethical farming, fair trade and seasonality) 

* about the importance of getting enough sleep 

Spring Term 2

Keeping safe and managing risk:  
Playing safe 

Pupils learn: 

* how to be safe in their computer gaming habits 

* about keeping safe near roads, rail, water, building sites and around fireworks 

* about what to do in an emergency and basic emergency first aid procedures      

Summer Term 1 and Summer Term 2

Sex and relationship education:  
Growing up and changing 

Pupils learn: 

* about the way we grow and change throughout the human lifecycle 

* about the physical changes associated with puberty 

* about menstruation and wet dreams 

* about the impact of puberty in physical hygiene and strategies for managing this 

* how puberty affects emotions and behaviour and strategies for dealing with the changes associated with puberty 

* strategies to deal with feelings in the context of relationships 

* to answer each other’s questions about puberty with confidence, to seek support and advice when they need it