“"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." - Ernest Hemingway

.Trust lies at the heart of Christianity: faith in God involves placing trust in Him.  The Bible tells us the importance of avoiding placing trust in the wrong things and focusing on the right thing: God.  In a modern world in which many feel trust is disappearing, we must encourage children to build trust with those around them.

Some of the ideas we shall explore will include:

- Thinking about people that we place trust in.  The list may begin with obvious answers like our friends and family but will quickly extend into a much wider group of people. 

 - Reflecting on Psalm 23:1-4 which contains the metaphor of the Lord as a shepherd.

- Build a chain of trust.  Create a paper chain.  Trusting others leads to others trusting us.

- Constructing a circle of trust.  Pupils make a circle and the challenge is to sit on the knees of the person behind them. The circle should be complete. If the group are successful they can then all put their arms out to the side and balance entirely on each other. 

- Explore the importance of trust in learning.  In a trusting environment, we can try out ideas and make mistakes without fear, knowing we have the support of those around us.

- If an incident of cheating arises in a game, take time to discuss the impact that this has on how we may trust someone in future.

- Look at the story of Joshua and the Spies (Numbers13-14).  

PSHE Links – Relationships

The links here can be easily made: trust plays a crucial role in healthy and meaningful relationships.