Reception cafe
Reception class

Reception class have been learning all about cafes. We have been role-playing cafes in our minibeast cafe, writing menus for our cafe and we even went to visit the local cafe, The Little Coffee House. The children thought of some very good questions to ask that would extend their knowledge of cafes. We were very impressed by the sweet treats so when we got back to school the children decorated their own sweet treat! 

In maths we have now learnt all the numbers from 0-10! We are now starting to look at doubling. The children worked with a partner to roll a dice and add that many counters (pizza toppings) then their partner double it. We have been saying sentences such as double one is two and also saying the double as an addition. And of course, we watched the number blocks episode, ‘double trouble’. 


Year 4 visited church this week. They revised key points from the story of Noah and worked together to discuss covenants and the importance of friendship. 

4SG have been busy working on their DT project. They completed a series of challenges and worked in small groups to construct pavillions from coffee stirrers and drinking straws. In this picture, Ava and Maybelle have managed to build a tower taller than Great Britain.  


w/e 2.5.24                                                       w/e 9.5.24

KS1 -  100% Reception Caterpillars           KS1 - 99.5% 2CD

KS2 -  97.7% 5WO                                       KS2 - 98.4% 6RM                                  -

                                  Well done to everyone!!


w/c 13th May - Year 6 SATs

Friday 24th May - School closes for half term (Spring bank)

Monday 3rd June - School opens 8.50am