Nell bank reception

In reception we have started our preparation for sports day and the children are showing such fantastic enthusiasm. We read the book ‘Strong Mind and Strong Body’ to prompt the children to talk about themselves positively. Well done reception!  

Right at the end of the last half term reception went on a school trip to Nell Bank where we learnt about recycling and minibeasts. Then in the afternoon the children all built a home for a badger! They really showed Nell Bank how well behaved the children at Calverley are!  

Reception have been busy preparing for their father’s day celebration today. We have been making cards and writing about why we love our dads. We have been reading Why I Love my Daddy and thinking about family and all the things they do that shows us how much they love us. Some children have made pirate patches in the craft area and together we have planned a pirate party planned for next week! We have been visiting all the different adults around school and learning lots of names and visiting lots of classrooms to help with the concept of transitioning to new classes each year as they move through school. After meeting so many different adults it has inspired lots of play pretending to be a teacher and Miss Price has made a school role play area for the children. A big thank you to all the families who were able to attend our Father’s Day celebration today and make it so special. 

Trip advisor
Y6 Letter

Over the past week, 6RM have taken on the role of advertisers, customers and hotel managers as part of a creative writing unit on holiday brochures. We began the week by planning, drafting and writing an advert for a luxury hotel; children included figurative language, wrote in the passive voice and adopted a formal tone. In contrast, they could show a shift in formality when writing a review for Trip Advisor and could add humour and exaggeration to their piece. Some children then took on the role of a hotel manager in order to respond to the customer’s review by writing formal letters. We were so impressed with the high level of writing the children produced – and more importantly – they thoroughly enjoyed creating them. Well done Year 6! 

Calverley Carnival 

Calverley Carnival
Calverley Carnival
Calverley Carnival
Calverley Carnival

Thank you to all the families who came to support us at the Calverley Carnival.  It was a wonderful fun-filled day and the children certainly seemed to enjoy Splatting the Teacher! 

Grow a pound
Grow a pound

Grow a Pound 

It has been wonderful to see the incredible enterprise activities that have gone on with the PTA Grow a Pound initiative.  What amazingly creative and entrepreneurial children we have – the country should be in safe hands in the future with this lot in charge!  The scheme closes on Friday 14th June and the PTA have asked for all monies to be sent into school by this date.  There will be house points awarded too for the children who have grown the most money. 

D Day

D-DAY commemorations 

It was a privilege to join the British Legion and children from Calverley Parkside School on Monday to commemorate 80 years since the D-Day landings.  There was a short service of remembrance with poems and readings and our presence was much appreciated by the older members of our community: Lest we forget… 


w/e 16.5.24                                                                       w/e 6.6.24                                                 

KS1 - 1ND - 100%                                                           KS1 - Reception Caterpillars - 95.5%

KS2 - 6RM - 99.4%                                                          KS2 - 4SG - 97.5%

w/e 23.5.24                                                                       w/e 13.6.24

KS1 - 2VSJH - 99%                                                          KS1 - 2VSJH - 99.3%

KS2 - 6RM - 98.4%                                                          KS2 - 6CK - 98.6%


Sports Day - Friday 21st June (weather permitting)

Sports Day Reserve - Friday 28th June