As a result of our parental questionnaire, last week we held a parent forum to discuss the school's wider development plan. The 'headlines' from the meeting were as follows:

This Year (2021-2022)

◦Not been a normal year in school

◦We decided on focus of ensuring children felt comfortable being back in class and re-establishing learning behaviours

◦We knew we couldn’t suddenly turn back to “being normal” overnight

◦We are now confident learning in class is at least good – results as evidence

◦Introduced a whole new curriculum - which is engaging and 'broad;

◦Given time to well-being support: Mrs Haigh, True Colours, Jenbys, Cluster, Mind Mate, and other initiatives.

◦We have begun sliding in more community events as we have felt the timings were right: open days, sports day, assemblies and productions


Next Year(2022-2023)

◦We feel we can offer a much wider range of opportunities for children to further develop interests and skills beyond the classroom
◦After School Clubs (click here to see clubs - led by Teachers, external providers and any other clubs will follow)
◦Music - reintroduction of the orchestra and choirs
◦Competitive Sport (co-ordinated by Rhinos partnership, Mr Harkins is the sports leader in school).
◦Environmental Care - through the school council, the children voiced that they would like to create a 'Green Team' which would concern itself with all things environmental and sustainability 
◦Outdoor Learning - we have a newly created outdoor learning space, situated at the bottom of the school field. Many thanks to Mr Mark Harkins for all his hard work and efforts in creating this valuable space).
◦Plays/Productions/Assemblies/Church Festivals - the school calendar here shows the planned events for the coming year
◦Star of Term awards - every term the star children are joined by their parent(s)to celebrate their achievements (and share a drink and tasty snack by way of celebration).
◦Community events with parents in school - picnic, Spring Fayre
◦School Council, Ambassadors & Playground Buddies