The Government has published guidance and this can be found in today's previous news item.

We will be open on Monday only for those children whose parents meet the criteria included.

A basic principle of the document is that if you can at all keep children safe at home then you should do so in order to maintain the fight to delay the spread of Covid-19.

Please write to us if you feel you meet the criteria as a key worker and you cannot keep your children safe at home.

(We will write to some parents to offer places on other grounds).

Please state the name and occupation of parent or parents (and both MUST be stated if applicable)

The names and classes of the children

There is advise on numbers each school should consider safe in order to support the ongoing fight against Covid-19. We may need to prioritise who we can offer places to.

We have limited time to make arrangements. A return before 10am this morning would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your on-going support and understanding.

Kind regards,

Mr R Curran.