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Sport Premium: £19,310                       

Estimated spend for 2018-2019

Sport Premium income: £19, 310

(First payment received 1st April 2018 £8046/ second payment 8th October 2018 £11,264)


School Sport Premium funding has been doubled for Primary school’s in England to improve sports provision for pupils.  The money is aimed at training for teachers, more varied activities and new equipment with a view to transforming PE in primary schools.

The Youth Sport Trust (YST-the leading children’s charity working with 6000+ primary schools) identifies the following areas in which schools can improve which can transform schools delivery of sport

1.        Every primary school teacher receiving support and training to help children develop their physical literacy.

2.        Closing the gender and disability gap which sees girls and children with disabilities much less likely to participate in school sport.

3.        All coaches working in after-school sport to be professionally trained in how to coach children as well as how to coach sport, with the introduction of nationally recognised training and standards for coaching children.

4.        Two hours of PE on the curriculum at every primary school with a focus on sporting activities as a vehicle for self-development. This should maximise the potential of PE and school sport to improve children’s performance in the classroom as well as their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

5.        An Active School action plan for every school ensuring 30 active minutes per day for every pupil through active travel, active playgrounds and active classrooms.

The following budget summary outlines how Calverley C of E is looking to meet the standards set out by the YST using the Sports Premium funding and other funding mechanisms


£1300  - City Wide PE partnership Active Schools / Health Wellbeing partnership

This funds a School Games Organiser for the West ensuring:

  • Membership of the Youth Sport Trust at a discounted rate – including resources and an audit of our provision.
  • Best practice, resources & learning material from the YST
  • Leeds School Sport Association membership (access to cross country events)
  • We have a lead person to communicate with. (Charlie Pyatt)
  • Support in raising standards of achievement across the school, improving the quality of teaching and learning in PE, enhancing leadership of PE in schools and across clusters of schools.
  • Promoting effective sport and healthy lifestyles, benchmarking our provision and outcomes nationally in PE, physical activity and school sport with the opportunity to share practice and learn from the best schools in Leeds and Nationally.
  • Increased capacity for inter school competitions, festivals, participation and celebration events.  The school plays a role in planning events in conjunction with other schools in the area
  • Preferential access to deals brokered with professional clubs and key partners.
  • A national PE professional development programme accessible to us.

£2,000 – Priesthorpe Cluster partnership – Leeds Rhinos Foundation ASLC:

  • We have an effective school sports co-ordinator in the cluster. Andrew Lawson – Leeds Rhinos Foundation
  • Arranges and delivers the local competitions such as football, netball, athletics, tennis and sportshall athletics
  • Coaching time from Leeds Rhinos foundation (one afternoon for three half terms of the year)
  • PE leaders work together across schools – work with PLTs to deliver PE and sport premium outcomes appropriate to each school by sharing planning, schemes of work and specialist training.
  • CPD available through consultation with Andrew Lawson/ Charlie Pyatt .
  • Competition calendar for Pudsey, which feeds into the city competition pathway.
  • Non-competitive festivals for all classes are arranged and delivered by Leeds Rhinos Foundation
  • Access to high school facilities and local sporting clubs.

£4000 – Next Generation CPD for staff and lunchtime provision

  • Delivery of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA), Multi skills, Athletics, Invasion games within school curriculum time, as well as a range of after school activities.
  • Specific work at lunchtimes to engage all classes in coach led high quality physical activity. Inactive groups to be targeted for lunchtime sessions over the course of the year
  • CPD opportunities for staff working alongside specialist sports coaches. 1 Whole staff practical CPD per term.
  • Next Generation delivering termly CPD to all school staff. Autumn term – multi skills  Spring Term – OAA

£500 – Maths of the day

Maths programme where all activities involve physical exercise

£500 – Y6 Fitness Camp

To be run by Next Generation during transition days for Y6 pupils

£750 – New playground Markings

£1250 – Replace/Update PE Storage

£250 – Marking field for school sports day

£1000 – Transport to sporting events

£600 – O&A activities at Robin Wood

£1535 - Contingency

£ 2000 - RELEASE TIME/LEADERSHIP TIME for PE coordinator/ Transport to events

  • Cover cost to ensure staff can attend competitions so we fully participate in local events.
  • Release time for PE leader and or other members of staff to carry out management and leadership tasks within P.E. eg lesson observations/ admin/attend networks or cpd/write strategic documents.
  • Coach travel to mini Summer Olympic event.

£3000 - Resources for school PE and new M.U.G.A.

  • New equipment bought to replace old worn resources.
  • Rounders, athletics, football, dodgeball and netball equipment.

£625 – Skipping school project in Y2 and Y4

  • Jodi and Chris Corcoran from Skipping School to work in Y2 & Y4 – half day workshop and then attend city wide skipping competition.

£500 – School gymnastics club

  • Subsidised breakfast gym class in partnership with Leeds Esprit Gymnastics club
  • Open access for staff to observe/ participate in delivery of breakfast gym sessions alongside qualified coaches.

Other sports provision (main school budget)

  • Very good swimming provision working in partnership with local pool – using pool staff to work with teachers to support teaching.

Other requirements funded by Sports Premium

  • Orienteering Day – possible £200-500 (Next Gen)
  • Sports Day medals/ resources - £300
  • Contingency for further coaching activities that occur throughout the year - £1000

Other amenity ideas currently unfunded

  • Astroturf perimeter of the field to ensure Daily mile can be rolled out to further year groups, and its legacy

Future ideas

  • A drive on Outdoor Adventurous activities – Mapping of school grounds and local woods for whole school orienteering Summer event.
  • Annual sponsored run with the help of the friends of Calverley and parents.  New annual / bi annual fundraiser which we can specifically channel into sports provision (eg all weather perimeter track)  First event early Spring 2018 

Role of teachers

  • Staff focus is now on delivering and managing competitive offer, Physical activity (Daily Mile) and PE curriculum delivery.  Recreational sport is fulfilled by outside providers in line with common practice in other primary schools.

Pupil Leadership development

  • Sports Captains have undertaken 'Playmaker Playground Leader' training on 8.11.17 at Hillside, Beeston with Mr. Overton. Eventually, Captains will work with Next Gen coach at Lunchtime initially to plan delivery of additional playtime activities.
  • All children have opportunities built into all PE lessons to assess, umpire, evaluate their own and others performance.

Parent Communication

  • Timetable - not advertised on the website as the offer changes regularly though other schools do this.  Currently parents are contacted through newsletters, parentmail, leaflets and flyers.

Example timetable

Mon - Gymnastics am

Tues - Hall used by Play Academy

Wed - Netball (Mrs. Dixon/ Miss Jay) and PE partner KS 1 multi skills

Thurs - Golf Jeff Whittam(KS2), Y1,2,3 football with Next Gen, Athletics team practice (Mr. O) , football team practice (Mr. Gardner/ Hallas)

Fri - Y4,5,6 Rugby/ street dance Next Generation.