Reverence and Respect

“‘By having a reverence for life, we enter into a spiritual relation with the world. By practising reverence for life we become good, deep, and alive.” Albert Schweitzer

We live in a magnificent world packed with jaw dropping marvels: from our vast universe populated by billions of stars to the minute marvels of the microscopic world.  The Bible teaches us to show reverence for the marvels of God’s creation. Although The Bible tells us that only God is worthy of reverence, we can honour and respect others.

Across school we will consider the following ideas:

  • Self-Respect – what gifts and talents and talents can we celebrate?
  • Respect for parents and carers – how can we honour those who help us?
  • Respect for others – do we show respect those who help us in all aspects of our lives?
  • Respect for the environment – we have a mutual responsibility to make sure that the gift of this creation is not spoiled.
  • Remembrance Day – showing respect for those that have made enormous commitments and sacrifices to preserve our liberty.
  • Reverence at Christmas – during this festival, we must show reverence to God for the gift of Jesus.
  • Look at first page of The Big Frieze by Emma Yarlett, which depicts the story of creation.

PSHE Links – Celebrating Difference

Reverence and respect begins when we notice the plethora of magnificent things around us.  This same outlook is needed when celebrating the fact that every living thing is wonderfully unique.

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