I never lose. I either win or learn. - Nelson Mandela

Our theme for this half term is Perseverance.  Perseverance is a quality that we try and instil in our pupils throughout the year in relation to way that pupils approach learning.  This unit provides an excellent opportunity to present pupils with challenges and encourage perseverance.  It is also important that we focus on moral perseverance: following the good path in the face of challenges.

 Some ideas that we will explore in school will include:

  • New Year – following on from goal setting, we discuss the challenge of showing perseverance when trying to achieve these goals.
  • Taking on challenges that will take perseverance to achieve.
  • With the windy weather that we have in January, the analogy of a tree in a storm provides a great metaphor.  It is hard to make good choices when those around you are tempting you into taking a different path.
  • Sports people provide good role models (most of the time) when exploring perseverance.
  • In assembly, we learnt about the perseverance shown by Dalton Ghetti when he creates delicate sculptures in the leads of pencils.

PSHE Links – Dreams & Goals

There are clear and strong links with PSHE this term.  You won’t achieve your goals without perseverance.